DuPage County Prayer Breakfast

The Committee has no political agenda and does not represent a pressure group or religious lobby. We have no corporate sponsorship and engage in no advertising. We are a group of Christians, who are committed to the authority of Jesus Christ in all of life, and want to encourage good government.

    • Sue Entwistle – Chair
    • Rob Burns – Treasurer
    • Jeff McElheney – Reservations
    • Steve Carlson – Secretary
    • Bob Darby – Publicity

Members At Large:

    • Barbara Chang
    • Al Harris

The Committee strives to:

      1. Call Christian residents of DuPage County to gather in prayer for our government officials.
      2. Demonstrate to those in government that there is a viable Christian viewpoint in DuPage County, and that we Christians regularly petition God on their behalf.
      3. Encourage public officials to pursue justice and contend for truth, by showing our support of them as prayer partners.
      4. Present, when appropriate, our personal expressions of faith in Jesus Christ, our testimony to His healing power in our lives, and our confidence in His power to heal our land.

Activities and Goals of DPB Committee

The primary activity of the Committee is the annual “DuPage County Christmas Prayer Breakfast.” This breakfast has been held every December since 1973. The purpose of the event is four-fold. First, it’s an opportunity for citizens to thank the government attendees, and to encourage them to pursue justice and contend for truth. Also, it’s an opportunity to remind and to encourage all Christians, who are committed to the authority of Jesus Christ in all of life, to be in prayer for our government officials, as commanded in 1 Timothy 2:1,2. It is also an opportunity for all to glean wisdom from the keynote speaker and to build relationships which can nurture wisdom and foster good government. Last, but not least, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The breakfast brings together clergy and lay persons, governmental and non-governmental people. It is not a fund-raising event.

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